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Swat Blood-Sucking Mosquitos for Good

Summer isn’t just your favorite time of the year—it’s also prime time for mosquitos to shine. Don’t let your mosquito problem get out of hand this year. Frontier Services offers effective mosquito treatments that will keep pesky mosquitos at bay and keep your family safe. Mosquitos often carry pathogens that can harm humans, including the Zika virus. Our team will make sure you have the best methods of defense in place long before mosquitos have the chance to bite!

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How To Repel Mosquitos From Your Property

While regular mosquito treatments are the most effective way to take care of your mosquito problems, there are certain steps you can take to keep them at bay in the meantime. Lewisville & Flower Mound, Texas’ Frontier Services can provide a few helpful tips to keep you mosquito-free. You can avoid mosquitos by:

Eliminating standing water from around your home
Making sure the water in your pools and water features is constantly moving
Installing screens on your windows and porch

For more information on avoiding mosquitos, reach out to the team at Frontier Services.

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